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Nome (Alaska)

Nome (Alaska)

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City CodeOME
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time7~12 hours

The flight time to Nome (Alaska) is approximately 7~12 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Nome (Alaska).


The city of Nome is located in the Nome Census Area in the U.S. state of Alaska and is 26o kilometers from the US-Russian boarder. Nome is a port city on the Bering Sea and has a population of over 3,000 residents.

Voice of Travelers to Nome

Visit to watch Iditarod in Nome

I am Kennedy from Belgium. Last winter I flew to Nome to watch the incredible Iditarod finish, snowmobile tours and seeing musicox and reindeer. I took a break from work and a friend suggested visiting Nome as a good place to relax. I bought a ticket to Nome online after a referral from a friend. Purchasing the ticket online was cheaper compared to visiting the travel agents who sold their ticket more expensive compared to the online ticket. When purchasing a ticket to Nome, it is advisable to purchase your ticket weeks prior to your departure, ticket are cheaper during this period. I chose to travel using Alaska Airlines who offered 5% off their ticket for any one attending the Iditarod. The travel experience and staying in Nome was awesome. I came back rejuvenated and I am on course to achieve all the goals set by my employer.

Study visit to Carrie Memorial Museum, Nome

I am Wendy from London. I love studying historical and cultural objects found in museums. Last year, me and two other friends planned to visit Carrie Museum in Nome. We started planning early last year and timed for the cheapest ticket to Nome. We searched online for the cheapest ticket weeks prior our departure to Nome. Ticket to Atlanta are cheaper six weeks before your travel time and it is advisable to purchase your ticket six weeks before traveling. On ticket comparison, cheapest ticket to Nome was by British Airways, they were offering a 5% off the price of any ticket bought that month. Their flights attendants were friendly and offered great food that I guess was satisfying to everyone. Nome residents were extremely friendly and helped us to get to our destination after we got lost in the city.

Nome Travel FAQs

Q. How do I buy a ticket to Nome?

A. You can purchase your ticket to Nome either by buying it online or visiting the corresponding travel companies to purchase it yourself. Searching online for the ticket to Nome, is the best way to compare tickets and choose an affordable ticket to Nome. Cheapest ticket to Nome can be booked online six weeks before your departure.

Q. Whats the weather and traffic like in Nome?

A. Nome experiences four seasons, with summer being short and cool while winters are long and very cold. Summer and winter conditions in Nome are moderated by the city coastal line. Winters are less cold than the interior parts of Nome and summer are less hotter than the interior. Nome is a city with a population of 3,000 residents and unlike major cities, it doesn't experience heavy traffic. Some roads are closed sometimes in winter depending on the amount of snowfalls and temperature in Nome. Nome has a toll free number for residents to inquire more on closed and open roads from the transport department.

Q. Are ATM's Available in Nome?

A. There are several ATM's in Nome. You can find ATM service at the following centers: Nome Grocery and Liquor, Wells Fargo- Nome Trading, Bonanza Express, Polaris Bar and Breakers Bar.

Nome - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Nome Regional Airport •Key West International Airport (Key West, USA) •Orlando International Airport (Orlando, USA) •Kansas City International Airport (Kansas City, USA)

Airports handling direct flights to Fairbanks International Airport •Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong) •Vancouver International Airport (Vancouver, Canada) •Frankfurt International Airport(Frankfurt, Germany)

Airports handling direct flights to Nome City Field Airport •Hilo International Airport (Hilo, USA) •Dayton International Airport (Dayton, USA) •Logan International Airport (Boston, USA)

Flight Routes to Nome

Nome Regional Airport is a commercial service airport serving the Nome city and is used for local and domestic flights. For international flights, Nome City is serviced by Fairbanks International Airport. You can travel to Nome City using Alaska Airlines, Air New Zealand or British Airways through Fairbanks Airport and connect to Nome by a flight to Nome Regional Airport. You need a valid passport, an air ticket, accommodation ticket and a visa if you don't qualify for a visa waiver program.