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City CodeORL
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • All Nippon Airways
Flight Time3~6 hours

The flight time to Orlando is approximately 3~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Orlando.

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Orlando is a city is located in the central part of the State of Florida in the United States. Orlando has a population of 2,387,138, and is the sixth largest metropolitan area in the Southern United State. The city of Orlando is nicknamed 'The City of Beautiful' and is a tourist attraction to many visitors who flock the city to see its beauty and various tourist attraction sites. This tourist destination city is famous for sites such as Walt Disney World situated South West side of Downtown in Bay lake.

Voice of Travelers to Orlando

Businessman on a business trip to Orlando

Hi, my name is George and I traveled to Orlando on a business trip. My travel agent got me a complimentary ticket to Orlando on Virgin Airlines and was very excited as I have always wanted to but my ticket from this airline. I got a return ticket. From the moment we boarded it at Heathrow Airport the experience was very exciting, relaxing and peaceful. We landed at Orlando Airport and took and I took a cab to my hotel. As i continued with my business meetings in the serene and beautiful conference centers in Orlando, I took every opportunity i could get to see Orlando and its surrounding areas inclusive of the theme parks. Orlando city is not only beautiful but peaceful.

Vacation to Orlando

My name is Christian from Germany and I took my family to Orlando for holiday. We had planned for this visit for some time and we are very excited that he day has finally came. My wife and I have the three children whose age ranged from 9 to 14 years. We decided to purchase a ticket from British Airways after connecting to Heathrow Airport. The flight to Orlando was excellent and the service memorable. The hotel where we were staying provided a tour guide and we were able to go sightseeing in Orlando the following day. We not only visited the Walt Disney World but also experienced the wonderland of ocean animals at seaworld among other sites. We bought the ticket from the same airline on our way back. This was one of the best experiences we have had as a family.

Orlando Travel FAQs

Q. What are the five major fun facts about Orlando?

A. Orlando has over 100 lakes within the city. Orlando has one of the largest buildings which is 441 feet tall. There are 50 different breeds of swans in Lake Eola in Orlando. The oldest tree in the US is located in Orlando around 350 to 400 years old. The first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean was from Orlando.

Q. What factors would affect your ticket cost to Orlando?

A. The ticket cost to Orlando varies due to several factors. The season will determine the ticket cost such that peak season months such as summer have higher ticket rates. The timing of purchasing the ticket. If you purchase your ticket way in advance chances are you will pay less than the last minute ticket buyer.

Q.When is the best time to visit Orlando?

A.Orlando is almost an all year round beautiful weather city. The weather in Orlando is almost always bearable so there is no perfect time to purchase your ticket. You can however purchase a ticket to this destination during spring. The weather in Orlando is the best during his time of year. here are also several ticket discounts to Orlando during this time of year. Book your ticket to Orlando on your next travel trip or vacation.

Orlando - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Orlando International Airport ・Los Angelos International Airport (USA) ・Mexico City International Airport(Mexico) ・Gatwick Airport(UK) ・Dubai International Airport(Dubai) etc.

Flight Routes to Orlando

There are a number of air routes that lead to the city of Orlando.Your trip begins with the purchase of a ticket. Orlando has about five airports with two major ones located in the city while three are in the city environs. Orlando International Airport has over 40 airlines and which includes chartered, cargo and scheduled flights. Orlando Sanford International Airport also in the city handles both domestic and international flights. The main international destinations to Orlando for the two airports includes Mexico, Panama and United Kingdom. Booking of a ticket can be made through a number of airlines which fly to Orlando such as JetBlue airways, British Airways, American Airlines etc.