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Springfield (Missouri)

Springfield (Missouri)

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City CodeSGF
Popular Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Delta Air Lines
  • American Airlines
Flight Time4~5 hours

The flight time to Springfield (Missouri) is approximately 4~5 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Springfield (Missouri).

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The city of Springfield is situated in the state of Missouri. Furthermore, Springfield is the county seat of the Greene County. Based on a 2016 estimate, Springfield has a population of approximately 167,319 making Springfield the third most populous city in the state. Dubbed as the Queen City of Ozarks, Springfield is widely regarded as the birthplace of Route 66. Springfield experiences a humid subtropical climate. The economy of Springfield is helmed with sectors such as retail, manufacturing, and health care.

Voice of Travelers to Springfield

Exploring the Fantastic Caverns

My name is Ben from Atlanta. I have always been searching for interesting caverns to visit. When I discovered one in Springfield, Missouri, I knew I had to book a plane ticket and visit the place. When I already had enough funds, I availed of a ticket from Delta Air Lines. The flight going to Springfield was awesome thanks to the staff and crew of the plane. When I have arrived at Springfield, I was lead to where the so-called Fantastic Caverns are found. I had to avail of a ticket to be able to access the tour around the cavern. The caves are actually beautiful, and the guides were very knowledgeable on the history of the caves. It was definitely worth a visit. Since I was not able to bring my sister – who also loves exploring caves – I will surely book another ticket and fly to Springfield to see the caverns again. This time, it would be with her.

A side trip to the Discovery Center of Springfield

My name is Charlotte from Los Angeles. I was invited to book a plane ticket to Springfield, Missouri for a convention on orthodontics. Since I was an enthusiast in the topic, I was willing to go. I booked a plane ticket to Springfield via Allegiant Air. During the trip, I was given utmost service by the attendants who were with us in the plane. I had a great time on board. When I have arrived at Springfield, I checked in immediately. However, since it was early, I decided to explore the city. One of the attractions I visited was the Discovery Center of Springfield. I booked a ticket to enter the place. It was worth it, though. The amount of science and technology exhibits were amazing. There were a lot of things to do, especially for children. I should have brought my son because he would have enjoyed the museum. Next time, if I will book another ticket back to Springfield, I will definitely bring him with me.

Springfield Travel FAQs

Q. Do I need a ticket in order to fly to Springfield?

A. Yes, you have to secure a ticket to be able to travel to Springfield. You can avail of a ticket to Springfield from the airlines that fly to and from the city. If you live in areas where such airlines are unavailable, you may still book a ticket to Springfield by inquiring for a connecting flight ticket from the airlines near you. You can also seek for assistance from travel agencies such as this one regarding the processing of a ticket going to Springfield.

Q. Do I need a visa in order to enter Springfield?

A. The need for a visa depends on your citizenship. If you reside in the United States, you can book a plane ticket and travel to Springfield without needing a visa. If you do not reside in the United States, you are required to apply for a visa in order to avail a ticket to Springfield. Furthermore, a valid passport and a plane ticket are also needed for your trip to Springfield. Additionally, those who are not citizens of the United States can still be able to book a ticket to Springfield without a visa through the Visa Waiver Program.

Q. What are top attractions in Springfield?

A. It is essential to take note of several attractions in Springfield, should you wish to book a plane ticket and visit the city. On top of the list is Discovery Center of Springfield where interactive exhibits which foster enjoyable learning are found. You may also avail of a ticket to be able to visit attractions such as Springfield Art Museum and The Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks. For those who are more interested with nature exploration, you should try Fantastic Caverns, a vast network of caves.

Springfield - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Branson National Airport ・Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Atlanta, Georgia) ・Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (Texas, United States) ・O'Hare International Airport (Chicago, Illinois) ・Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles, California)

Flight Routes to Springfield

When booking a ticket to Springfield, it is essential to identify the air routes to and from the city. Airline companies such as Allegiant Air, American Eagle, and Delta Air Lines let you avail of a ticket to Springfield. The aforementioned airline companies may also allow you to book a ticket from Springfield to destinations such as Atlanta, Charlotte, and Houston, among others.