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Akron / Canton

Akron / Canton

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City CodeCAK
Popular Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
Flight Time2~5 hours

The flight time to Akron / Canton is approximately 2~5 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Akron / Canton.


Akron is one of the greatest cities in the state of Ohio, in the USA. There are about two hundred thousand inhabitants living in Akron. Akron was established int he 19th century as a manufacturing center.

Voice of Travelers to Akron

Airfare ticket to Akron from Chicago

I needed an airfare ticket to fly to Akron. In order to reach Akron, I booked my ticket from Chicago O'Hare airport to the Akron-Canton airport. I bought this ticket with American Eagle and I loved their service. Once in Akron, I bought a bus ticket and took a bus to reach downtown Akron. After my visit to Akron, I flew back to Chicago, but this time with a ticket bought at United Express. This airline gave great service as well, totally worth the ticket price. If I fly to Akron again, I will consider buying my airfare ticket with these two airlines.

Visiting Akron and for wedding

I booked a ticket to fly to Akron in Ohio. It was a two-part ticket: first I flew from San Francisco to Chicage O'Hare airport, and then I continued with another ticket to Akron from Chicago. This is because I could not find a ticket for a direct flight from San Francisco to Akron. The ticket was cheap, purchased with United Express. United Express is good because of the cheap ticket prices and I prefer it for my flights. Once in Akron, I tried to change my flight ticket to fly home from Akron a day earlier, and my ticket agent helped me do it. My new ticket was issued the night before I was ready to leave Akron.

Akron Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to visit Akron?

A. Akron is a great and fun place all year round. Yet it is very lovely early in the spring when trees are blossoming, or in the early autumn. Winter in Akron is wet and chilly. If you visit Akron in the summer, expect some heat waves and occasional rainstorms. An airfare ticket to Akron will change in price depending on the season. If you care about the ticket price, then purchase your ticket ahead of time for visiting Akron in the summer.

Q. Is there public transportation in Akron, for example buses, and where can I buy a ticket to use them?

A. There is Metro Bus in operation in Akron. The Metro Bus sells its ticket in the ticket booths at the bus stops as well as on the bus. There are several lines of the Metro Bus, so before you travel to Akron, check out the map and routes which you might be using in Akron. This will determine the ticket price as well.

Q. What are the highlights of Akron?

A. Akron is known for its modern architecture. Among the older buildings, there is a movie palace from the 1920's as well as the Akron Civic Theater. You might want to check out the Akron Art Museum and the Firestone Park. Akron has also an interesting cuisine with beer festivals and ethnic restaurants.

Akron - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Akron - Canton Airport ・Detroit Metropolitan Airport ・Chicago O'Hare International Airport ・Newark Liberty International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Akron

Flights to Akron are dispatched at the Akron-Canton Airport located about 15 kilometers north of Akron. The regular flights to Akron include flights from Chicago, New York, Charlote, Atlanta and Detroit. The flights to Akron are operated by several American airlines. No international flight are dispatched from Akron.