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Joplin ( Missouri)

Joplin ( Missouri)

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City CodeJLN
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
Flight Time4~6 hours

The flight time to Joplin ( Missouri) is approximately 4~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Joplin ( Missouri).


Joplin is a city located at the southwestern part of the state of Missouri, and is situated at the south of Jasper County and north of Newton County. Joplin is the biggest city in the county of Jasper. Joplin is doing well in terms of economy, with the following companies establishing its homebase in the city: Walmart, Aegis, Joplin School District, and AT&T Mobility. Joplin is accessible via ticket flights to the Joplin Regional Airport or via the Kansas City Southern railroad. Aside from ticket filghts and train ticket, Joplin is also accessible via main highways like the Interstate 44 and U.S. Route 71.

Voice of Travelers to Joplin

My Ticket to the Grand Falls

I booked our ticket flight to Joplin and took my family to the iconic Grand Falls. My family loves the great outdoors, and my kids loves swimming, which is one of the main reasons why I booked a ticket to go here. We were amazed by the awesome scenery. My kids had a great time swimming and jumping all over the falls area. We brought some snacks with us, and just enjoyed our picnic. The weather was great and the water was perfect. The ticket fare was not expensive at all. Since we all enjoyed our stay, I am already considering booking regular ticket flights to this place just to relax and enjoy with my family.

Visit to Cunningham Park

I regularly book ticket flights to Joplin to visit Cunningham Park. I have known family and friends who have lost something during the 2011 tornado, which devastated the city of Joplin. Oftentimes, I book ticket flights together with some friends to spend some time in the park, remembering the special people in our lives. The park is great for many different activities. There are swimming pools, open areas, walking trails, and play equipment. I will always enjoy my ticket flights to this place. Joplin is definitely a place worth visiting, especially because of this historic and iconic place. I highly recommend booking ticket flights to this place.

Ticket to the Wildcats

I am a wildlife enthusiast. Throughout the year, I have booked several ticket flights to different wildlife conservation centers. This time, I decided to book my ticket to Joplin to visit the Wildcats Glades Conservation and Audubon Center. I really enjoyed walking the trails and observing the different plants, trees, and wildlife in the park. I saw some deer, rabbits, various birds, and several exotic plants throughout my stay. There are also nice places to just sit, relax, and maybe eat some snacks. I can say that my ticket expenses to Joplin is so worth it. I would definitely book future ticket flights to visit this place again.

Joplin Travel FAQs

Q. If I am going to book a ticket to Joplin, what type of climate should I expect?

A. If you are booking a ticket flight to Joplin, expect to experience a humid subtropical climate during your stay in the city. The winter season is cool and dry, while the summers are hot and humid. The months from April to June are the wettest throughout the year, which is why it is discouraged to book your ticket during these months. The months of January and February are the best months to book your ticket.

Q. I booked a ticket as a tourist. What are the best places to visit in Joplin?

A. Ticket bookings by tourists have been increasing in the past years because there are plenty of tourist spots in Joplin. Some of the most note-worthy are the following: the Grand Falls, the Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center, Cunningham Park, and the Sandstone Gardens. To make your ticket flight worth it, you may also want to visit the Midtown Traders Fleamarket in Joplin.

Joplin - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Joplin Regional Airport Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Joplin

Joplin is serviced by the Joplin Regional Airport, which offers regular ticket flights to and from the city. The ticket airline service is being subsidized by Essential Air Service program. The past five years have seen a steady increase in ticket flights to Joplin city, which indicates increase in the tourism industry. The Joplin Regional Airport is being served by the American Eagle Airlines, providing scheduled ticket flights to Dallas/Fort Worth. Ticket bookings may be done manually or online through ticket reservations.