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Alliance (Ohio)

Alliance (Ohio)

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City CodeAIA
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time6~7 hours

The flight time to Alliance (Ohio) is approximately 6~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Alliance (Ohio).


Alliance is a city situated in the easter part of the state of Ohio in the USA. There are over twenty-two thousand inhabitants living in Alliance. Alliance is knows for the scarlet carnation as well as University of Mount Union.

Voice of Travelers to Alliance

Airfare ticket to Canton on my way to Alliance

I bought an airfare ticket to fly to Alliance. I searched for a ticket for direct flight to Alliance airport, but I found the Alliance airport doesn't receive direct flights, so I could not buy such ticket. To reach Alliance, I booked my ticket from Denver to Canton. I bought this ticket with American Airlines and I loved their service which was more than I expected, given the price of the ticket. Once in Canton, I bought a bus ticket and took a bus to Alliance. After visiting Alliance, I took a train, for a change, to the airport. The train ticket was much more expensive than the bus ticket, to my surprise.

Visiting Alliance and my friends

I booked a ticket to fly to Alliance in Ohio. It was a ticket with two lags - first one took me from Chicago to Canton, and the second one from Canton to New York. The ticket was cheap, purchased with Continental Airlines. Continental is good because of the cheap ticket prices and I prefer it for my flights. Once in Canton, I took a bus to Alliance where my friends live. The bus ticket was more expensive than my airfare ticket! My visit in Alliance was great so I stopped on the way from New York back to Chicago in Alliance again. My return ticket allowed me to spend more than 24 hours each time in Alliance.

Alliance Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to visit Alliance?

A. The best time to visit Alliance is in the autumn. In this season, Alliance is lovely with its tree leaves falling and sunny albeit a bit crisp weather. This is also the time when a flight ticket to visit Alliance might be the most expensive. The price of an airfare ticket to the airports near Alliance will reflect on this as well.

Q. Is Alliance a safe city for walks?

A. Alliance is a beautiful place with plenty of opportunities to walk around. The safety is not an issue in Alliance. However, it is better to leave the important documents and your airfare ticket in the safety box of your hotel if you want to walk around in order not to lose it.

Q. What are the highlights of Alliance?

A. When in Alliance, do not miss the beautifully restored Glamorgan Castle as well as a restored underground railroad home called the Haines House and the World War History and Art Museum. Each of the places requires and entrance ticket with can be purchased at the entrance.

Alliance - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Miller Airport ・there are no scheduled regular flights at the moment etc.

Flight Routes to Alliance

The closest airport to the city of Alliance is the Miller airport. At the moment, there are no scheduled flights being dispatched from the Alliance airport and the airport in Alliance is in private hands. The Miller airport is located about ten kilometers north of Alliance.