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Burlington (Iowa)

Burlington (Iowa)

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City CodeBRL
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time4~5 hours

The flight time to Burlington (Iowa) is approximately 4~5 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Burlington (Iowa).

Burlington (Iowa)

Burlington is a city found in the state of Iowa, United States. It is also the seat of Des Moines County. As per 2016 estimate, the population of Burlington is more than 25,000. The economy of Burlington focused on manufacturing and transportation, with many establishments concentrating on manufacturing. A plane ticket to Burlington will allow one to visit several attractions including the Snake Alley which was once named as the most crooked alley in the world. In Burlington, the average hottest month falls in July while the average coldest month is December.

Voice of Travelers to Burlington (Iowa)

I worked hard for a ticket to Burlington

My name is Jake from Springfield. I have wanted to visit Burlington for the long time since I discovered that a great nature preserve is there. I asked my mom to book us a ticket but she said I had to ace all of my tests. So I tried my best to study hard. When grades came, I knew my ticket to Burlington would become a reality. We booked a ticket via Air Choice One, and flew to Burlington. On our way there, we felt secure and at ease because of the great service rendered by the staff. Upon arriving at Burlington, we went to Starr's Cave Nature Center. The place was wonderful. There were a lot of animals to see, and the trails lead to a scenic view. It turned out to be an encounter with nature. I had so much fun. I wish for a ticket to Burlington back.

A ticket to the Snake Alley in Burlington

My name is Jill from Kansas. Recently, we had a great family reunion at Burlington since part of my lineage hails from the city. My family booked a ticket bound to Burlington via Air Choice One. The plane choice was great and their service was okay. Upon reaching Burlington, we went straight to a hotel to check-in. What struck me during my stay was not the fact that we had to buy many ticket passes for museums. What interests me during our trip was to see the Snake alley. Interestingly, it was once the most crooked street in the world. It was amusing to see how crooked the street was. It is intelligent, in my opinion, to do something like that.Overall, I enjoyed my stay at Burlington. I can't wait for a ticket back.

Burlington (Iowa) Travel FAQs

Q. How do I book a ticket to Burlington?

A. Whether you are a local of the United States or live on another country, it is required to secure a ticket to be able to enter Burlington via Air Choice One. To avail of a ticket bound to Burlington, you may either visit the plane terminal or book a ticket online. The website of the airline offers cheap ticket prices at your own convenience. Should you not have Air Choice One near you, you may inquire for connecting flights to Burlington through travel agencies, airport near you, or through online search.

Q. Do I need a visa to fly to Burlington?

A. While everyone visiting Burlington is required a ticket, only foreign visitors are required to secure a visa to visit the city. Other nationalities should accomplish a set of requirements set by the US embassy in order to secure a visa, then book a ticket to Burlington. In certain instances, other nationalities are allowed to book a ticket and fly to Burlington, and the rest of the United States, without a visa. This is true due to the Visa Waiver Program, where they are allowed only for travel and business purposes.

Q. What are top destinations in Burlington?

A. Once you have booked a ticket to Burlington, you can explore a lot of attractions it offers. Areas of interest in Burlington include two historic districts where tourist can immerse themselves to discover the rapid change of architecture through the years. Tourists in Burlington may also avail of a ticket to enter museums such as the Phelps House Museum. They can further visit natural attractions such as Starr's Cave Park and Preserve and Black Hawk Spring and Cave. Most notably, tourists should also visit the famous Snake Alley, one of the most crooked streets in the world.

Burlington (Iowa) - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Southeast Iowa Regional Airport ・Chicago O'Hare International Airport (Chicago, Illinois) ・St. Louis Lambert International Airport (St. Louis, Missouri) etc.

Flight Routes to Burlington (Iowa)

In order to fly to Burlington, you have to book a ticket via Air Choice One, the only airline with available flights to the city. You can book a plane ticket to Burlington via the aforementioned airline on two airports specifically St. Louis Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, Missouri, and Chicago O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois. A flight to Burlington may be accomplished by availing a ticket via connecting flights from your initial airport to either of the abovementioned airports.