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State College

State College

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City CodeSCE
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
  • American Airlines
Flight Time1~6 hours

The flight time to State College is approximately 1~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit State College.

State College

State College is a city situated in the Centre County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, United States. Based on a 2016 estimate, State College has a population of nearly 42,000 making it the largest designated borough in the state. State College is called as such because it is a college town, dominated by the University Park campus of the Pennsylvania State University. The State College area is also known to some as Happy Valley. State College experiences a humid continental climate.

Voice of Travelers to State College

Homecoming at Penn State in State College

My name is Champ from Philadelphia. I used to study at Penn State University in State College. Going back to the university always brings back so many memories. Last year, we held our annual homecoming. I booked a ticket to visit my Alma Mater together with my wife who used to be my classmate. We availed a plane ticket to State College from American Eagle. During our trip, we were provided with utmost genuine service thanks to the attendants of the plane. When we have arrived at State College, my wife and I felt a sudden urge of nostalgia. We toured around the university once more. One of most memorable places we went to was The Arboretum at Penn State. It was still a beautiful garden like it was before. There were a lot of people – many of which are families – who were strolling with us. It was a good place to bring back memory. What a memorable trip back to State College. Every penny spent on our ticket was worth it.

Exploring Penn State for the First time

I am George from Williamsport. I have been accepted at Penn State University situated at State College. Being a freshman, I knew I had to visit and be acquainted with the university. Therefore, I booked a plane ticket to State College immediately via Sawdust Airlines. Though it was my first time flying through such airline, they made it easier for me to fly because of their top-notch services. When I have arrived at State College, I explored Penn State. I was surprised there was a museum in the university. I availed of a ticket to be able to visit the place. It was an interesting museum with a variety of art forms. The staff were also friendly and knowledgeable. It was a short detour when I visited the campus. After touring around the campus, I booked a plane ticket back home.

State College Travel FAQs

Q. Do I need a ticket in order to fly to State College?

A. Yes.You need a plane ticket to be able to enter State College. You can avail of a ticket to State College by purchasing a ticket from the four available airlines that fly to and from State College. Should you reside in places where airlines with an available ticket to State College are unavailable, you may still avail of a ticket to State College by inquiring for a connecting flight ticket from the nearby airlines. You may also seek for assistance from travel agencies with regards the processing of a ticket going to State College.

Q. Do I need a visa in order to enter State College?

A. It depends on your nationality. If you are an American national, you can book a ticket and fly to State College without a visa. However, if are not an American citizen, you need to apply for a visa. Furthermore, you should have a valid passport and a plane ticket to be able to fly to State College In certain instances, non-American citizens may be able to book a plane ticket to State College without a visa. Through the Visa Waiver Program, they can travel to State College and the rest of United States with only a ticket and passport.

Q. What are top attractions in State College?

A. When planning to book a ticket to State College, you should consider the following attractions. Being a college town, you should visit Penn State University which is located within the city. You may avail of a ticket to visit museums such as the Palmer Museum of Art and the Discovery Space of Central Pennsylvania. You can stroll around several gardens and parks in State College including The Arboretum and the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center.

State College - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to University Park Airport ・Philadelphia International Airport (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) ・Detroit Metropolitan Airport (Detroit, Michigan) ・Williamsport Regional Airport (Williamsport, Pennsylvania) ・Washington Dulles International Airport (Dulles and Chantilly, Virginia)

Flight Routes to State College

Knowing the air routes to and from State College is necessary so that you will know where and how to book a plane ticket to the city. You may be able to avail of a ticket to and from State College from airlines including American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express.