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City CodeDLG
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time7~12 hours

The flight time to Dillingham is approximately 7~12 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Dillingham.


Dillingham is located on the southern tip of the Alaskan mainland in the United States. Dillingham was founded as a trading post for the Russian fur trade in the 17th Century. Dillingham later became a center for salmon fishing in the North Pacific. More recently Dillingham has become a destination for tourist tickets as a result of its proximity to the largest state park in all of America.

Voice of Travelers to Dillingham

The Best Fishing in the World in Dillingham

My buddies and I are serious fishermen, so we are always looking for the next opportunity to buy some tickets to go fishing somewhere new. This year we all decided to buy tickets for Dillingham because we heard that the fishing is some of the best in the world there. My friend found us a cheap package deal for tickets with Alaska Airlines, which was offering a fisherman's special on tickets for groups just like us. We are used to flying out to exotic locations on small planes, but we all agreed that our trip to Dillingham with Alaska Airlines was one of the best. We all had a great time fishing around Dillingham, and we all caught the limit that our fishing tickets allowed.

Alaskan Wildlife Tour Around Dillingham

My wife and I like to buy tickets to visit different locations of natural beauty to enjoy all the wildlife there. Dillingham has been on our list of destinations to buy tickets for for a long time, so we were happy when there was finally a good deal on tickets with Grant Aviation. Grant aviation provided great service on our tickets into Dillingham, especially for a small company. In Dillingham we bought a number of tour tickets with the local companies there who took us to all the best spots to view the local Alaskan wildlife.

Camping in the Dillingham State Park

For this summer's family camping vacation, we decided to buy tickets for Dillingham. We found a good deal on a family package of tickets with PenAir, and we made our plans to fly out to Dillingham. The flight on our tickets with PenAir was excellent, and the whole family mentioned what a fun time we had flying in over Alaska and seeing all the sites. In Dillingham we were able to rent an RV and buy tickets for camping in the nearby state park. The weather was gorgeous the whole time, and we all had a lot of fun camping in Dillingham.

Dillingham Travel FAQs

Q. What is the weather line in Dillingham?

A. Dillingham has a subarctic tundra climate, with a lot of precipitation as a result of the nearby ocean. Warm air from the ocean makes Dillingham warmer than the rest of Alaska. Most tourists for Dillingham buy their tickets for the summer or fall, as winters are very cold and the spring is very wet and muddy.

Q. Is there good fishing in Dillingham?

A. Dillingham is a very popular destination for sportsfishing tickets from many professional anglers. There are a wide variety of fish and fishing locations, as well as a number of high quality fishing charter tickets available in Dillingham.

Q. Is there good access to local wildlife in Dillingham?

A. Dillingham is next to America's largest state park, which contains a wide variety of Alaskan wildlife. There are a number of camping and tour tickets available in Dillingham to enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife in the nearby state park.

Dillingham - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Dillingham Airport ・Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport ・Bethel Airport ・Clarks Point Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Dillingham

The only connecting airport for air tickets for Dillingham is through Anchorage, the capital of Alaska. Anchorage is a destination for a few cities in the eastern half of North America, as well as for tickets for a few international destinations, including Europe, during the tourist season.