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Devils Lake (Wisconsin)

Devils Lake (Wisconsin)

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Devils Lake

Devils Lake is a city located in Ramsey County, North Dakota, United States. The city is named after North Dakota's largest lake, Devils Lake. The town was initially named Creelsburg but was renamed in 1884 to Devils Lake. The name Devils Lake is said to be an interpretation of Sioux name Miniwaukan, meaning “Spirit Water.” Another theory says that the name Devils Lake came from a Potawatomi leader whose daughter drowned in the lake and her body was never found. The key tourist attraction is the Devils Lake. Many hotel resorts and activities are centered around the lake.

Voice of Travelers to Devils Lake

Fishing expedition at the Devils Lake

I have fished many places but, Devils Lake is the place that I always go back to. Last weekend I visited the town for another fishing expedition. I traveled from Denver to Devils lake by air, using United Express airline. The ground staff were efficient in checking us in and we boarded the plane as scheduled. There was good onboard entertainment and meals. We arrived on time and checked in our hotel. The following day we set out to Devils Lake with our camping gear. We spent three nights at the lake. We had a good catch of walleye, northern perks and the white bass. Fishing in the Devils Lake is always unforgettable.

Family Trip in Devils Lake

My family traveled to Devils Lake town to meet my sister in law's family. They had invited us over in summer. We traveled from Jameson to Devils Lake with Mesa Airline. The cabin crew members were friendly and quite helpful. They helped us settle down fast and took us through the safety procedures very well. In Devils Lake, I was impressed by the town. We drove around the city, visited Ruger Park, and Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge. My personal favorite was at the Black Tiger Bay State Recreation Area. I will definitely go back to Devil's Lake for a longer stay.

Devils Lake Travel FAQs

Q. When is the best time for fishing activities in the Devils Lake?

A. The Devils lake is open for exploration throughout the year. At the lake, you will find activities that are suitable both for dry and wet season. Fishing is popular in the month of September when many people like to travel and kids are back to school. Also, at this time fish is so spread out in different depths and patterns that you will not fail to take a great catch back home.

Q. Other than the Lake, which other places can one visit in the town of Devils Lake?

A. Other than the lake, you can visit:
Grahams Island State Park is an excellent campground. Also, the park has great hiking trails and gives you a fantastic view of Devils Lake.Lake Region Heritage Center has various exhibits ranging from a court room, church pulpit, and Devils Lake's first fire engine.Lake Region Heritage House Museum is a home with artifacts of the ancient home and families of the people Sully's Hill National Game Preserve has Buffalo, Elk, Deer and Prairie DogsLake Region Heritage Center has two art galleries and local history exhibits.North Dakota Maritime Museum, a repository for military memorabilia and artifacts.

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Devils Lake - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Devils Lake Regional Airport • Denver International Airport • Jamestown Regional Airport

Flight Routes to Devils Lake

The main air routes to Devils Lake are from Denver and Jameson. These air routes are served at Devils Lake Regional Airport by United Express airline.