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Wausau (Wisconsin)

Wausau (Wisconsin)

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City CodeAUW
Popular Airlines
  • United Airlines
Flight Time4~6 hours

The flight time to Wausau (Wisconsin) is approximately 4~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Wausau (Wisconsin).


wausau is a city in the United States of America. Running through Wausau city is the Wisconsin river dividing the city into two parts, east and west. The population of Wausau is 30,114 people and the total area is 20.04 kilometer square, The indigenous people of Wausau, for thousand of years used to trade with the French colonists. During the mid 19th Century the the European and American settlers were drawn to the Wisconsin river in Wausau opening a trading route for various products in the city of Wausau. Wausau is a beautiful city with many tourist attraction sites that will leave someone with a memorable picture in mind.

Voice of Travelers to Wausau

Trip to Wausau city

i decided one day to travel to Wausau city so as to see that part of the country. I bought a ticket and managed to get a discounted ticket at a very fair ticket rate. I packed my bags and flew to Wausau using Air Canada. The flight attendants allowed me into the airplane after looking at my ticket. The flight to Wausau was very comfortable and the service was excellent. The plane landed after for hours and i went to my hotel which i had booked before flying to wausau. The first day i went to the city of Wausau looking for sites to visit. I went to Yawkey House Museum and also the Center of the visual arts where artists display their work in Wausau. My next site to visit was Rib Mountain State Park which was great experience. After three days i took my ticket and flew back home filled with great memories of Wausau most of which I had captured in my camera. The flight back did not have any hurdles as I had my ticket which was valid.

Business trip to Wausau

The company I work for has a branch in Wausau city and I have always desired to travel there. An opportunity came when I was requested to travel to Wausau and interview a new supplier who wanted to do business with us. i took my ticket and and headed to the airport after the necessary arrangements and took a flight with Delta Airlines to Wausau. The flight was comfortable and I did not realize how quickly we got to Wausa after three hours. I took a taxi to Hampton inn Wausau where the company had booked for me. The rooms were big, spacious and very clean. I had a delicious dinner at the Inn where  the service was excellent. The following day I went to the office in and completed my official business in Wausau. The next day I reluctantly left the hotel , took my bags and ticket and went to the airport.  The attendants checked my ticket which was a return ticket and allowed me in the plane and left Wausau..

Wausau Travel FAQs

Q. Where can I get the best hotels to stay in Wausau?

A.There are many sources that guide on the best hotels in various places. One good source of  this information is from the reviews from previous visitors. People give reviews and comment on their experiences which give an idea of what to experience.

Q. What are the main documents needed when travelling to Wausau?

A. Travelling documents are very important when travelling as they will allow entry into different cities or countries. The main document s include a visa which serves as an identification and shows where one comes from. A ticket is also key as one cannot fly from place to place without a ticket.

Wausau - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Central Wisconsin Airport ・O'Hare International Airport  ・Detroit Metropolitan Airport ・Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport

Flight Routes to Wausau

The main airport that serves Wausau is Central Wisconsin Airport. The airport is located in Wisconsin and is served by many airlines which include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and and Air Canada among others. People travelling to Wausau can buy a ticket from various sources. A discounted ticket can be accessed from available sources. Central Wisconsin Airport handles both local and international flights which means that wausau city can be accessed from various parts of the world. The main air routes are many and already established and it is not easy for those booking to miss a seat with the airline of their choice as long as they book early enough.