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City CodeTOL
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time4~6 hours

The flight time to Toledo is approximately 4~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Toledo.


Toledo is one of the sixth largest cities in Ohio. It borders Michigan and is situated West of Lake Erie, in Lucas County. Indigenous tribes Wyandot tribe and Council of Three Fires, have been living in Toledo for centuries. European settlement in Toledo began in late 16th century. The population and industry of Toledo has been expanding since 20th century. Toledo has both Victorian housing and an urban landscape. Toledo is also rich in arts, culture and sports.

Voice of Travelers to Toledo

Watching the Toledo Mud Hens live

Hi this is Clark and I am a really big baseball fan. In September, my grandmother bought us a ticket to Toledo. She wanted me to go with her. I was to use the ticket hesitant because I had heard bad things about Toledo. I almost asked her to return the ticket. The ticket was nonrefundable so I ended up going. Oh my god, I was so happy I went. I got to watch Toledo Mud Hens live. They are my favorite baseball team. They are famous throughout the country to be great. I was so happy my grandmother bought this ticket for me. I also got to visit other attractions and learn some neat history. My family joked that I should always let my grandmother buy tickets for me.

One way ticket to Toledo

I am Stella from New York. In June I bought a one way ticket to Toledo and moved to Toledo. I wanted to move to a different city and the ticket for Toledo was on sale. I instantly bought the ticket. I love the people here because they are friendly. There are so many cultural festivals happen that you don't need to buy tickets for. My favorite place is the Toledo Museum of Art where I hope to get a job. Ticket to the museum is not expensive so I love going there. It has art from 19th to 20th century from all over the world including American, Greek, Renaissance, Japanese, European and Roman art. As an art Geek, I think I think buying this ticket was the best decision I made in my life.

Toledo Travel FAQs

Q. What is the primary mode of transportation in Toledo?

A. People in Toledo use cars, buses, bikes and walking to travel around. Cars are most commonly used to get around as 92% of the people drive cars. There is also a bus service in Toledo so people can buy tickets for the buses for cheap. The bus system serves up to 5 million people yearly.

Q. What documents do you need to enter Toledo?

A. To visit Toledo, you will need a valid passport and a ticket. If you are traveling by bus, you should carry a bus ticket. If you decide to fly, you should take either an electronic ticket or a physical copy of the ticket with you. If you are visiting the United States, you should also carry a valid visa if required.

Q. Which season is best to visit Toledo in?

A. The best part about Toledo is that it is blessed with four very different seasons. No matter which month you decide to buy your ticket for, your stay will be worth it. Toledo witnesses four beautiful seasons including a warm summer, breezy spring, cold winter and cozy Fall. First decide which weather you want to experience then purchase a ticket for that month. Best part is that there are no extreme seasons because of Lake Eerie, making your ticket expense worth it. Do keep an eye on when the ticket is cheapest and visit Toledo to enjoy the season.

Toledo - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Charlotte Douglas International Airport ・Toledo Express Airport

Flight Routes to Toledo

There are many air routes for this city. You can buy a ticket directly from different cities in Florida to Toledo Express Airport. You can also buy a ticket directly from to Chicago, and Charlotte, New Carolina. The airlines offering these tickets include American Airlines and Allegiant Airlines. Detroit Metro Airport is also just 45 minutes away Toledo and there are many routes available to it. Airlines offering tickets to these routes include Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air France, Delta Air, Lufthansa, Royal Jordanian and United Air.