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Augusta (Georgia)

Augusta (Georgia)

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City CodeAGS
Popular Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Asiana Airlines
  • American Airlines
Flight Time2~6 hours

The flight time to Augusta (Georgia) is approximately 2~6 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Augusta (Georgia).


Augusta is located on the central eastern border of Georgia and South Carolina in USA which lies along the Savannah River banks. Augusta is about 150 miles east of Atlanta. The Southern part of the county is on the coastal plain, the northern part is in the piedmont state and it is dominated by the sand hills. It has an estimated population of 197, 082 2016 report. Augusta faces the Southern and the Indian Ocean. Booking a ticket to this place means enjoying famous southern food, visiting great museum, and enjoying amazing tree-lined avenues.

Voice of Travelers to Augusta

Delta Airlines Experience

Taking a flight to Atlanta using the Delta Airlines proved to be the best decision I have ever made. Once on board, the flight attendant were very friendly, attentive, and helpful. I was travelling for the Christmas holiday and they provided me with a pillow, blanket, eye mask and earphones. I received my ticket on time. I was able to pass though the check-in and gate service with my ticket without any problems. I have had a bad experience with American Airline losing our luggage. I was very delighted with the overall experience and I would highly recommend them over American Airline any day. Book your ticket today with the Delta Airlines.

Exceptional flight attendants

I had an amazing service from the flight attendant. Nothing less than a great experience from Delta airlines. Booking a ticket was very easy. I received my ticket within some few days upon booking. Once on board I was feeling unwell but the flight crew attended to me as soon as possible and I was able to continue with the flight smoothly. As I expected they delivered an exceptional in-flight service to ensure I was comfortable. Book your ticket with them and experience the best service.

Extremely Good Quality Service

I have travelled with AA in and out of Augusta and they always offered the best service. The American airlines is so convenient with well planned staffs. I paid and received my ticket easily without any delays. The cheerful Augusta's American Airline personnel always help me with the seating. They have considerate, friendly in-flight crew who make flying the greatest experience. I always get a text to check in early with my ticket which makes you pre-screened and a breeze through security. I love the fact that I don't have to show up 2 hours early to check my ticket status.

Augusta Travel FAQs

Q. What's the best time to visit Augusta?

A. During summer some places in Augusta gets intolerably hot. The ideal seasons to visit Augusta is during Fall or Spring time. On April each year it is known to host Masters tournament at the famous Augusta National Golf Club. To attend the tournament It's important to apply for the ticket one year before. Masters tournament offers practice round ticket and daily tournaments ticket. Ensure you buy a valid Master's ticket as they are very scarcely available in the open market. To book a ticket visit their website for convenient services.

Q. How do I book for a ticket reservations?

A. There are various way you can use to book a ticket for a flight at the AGS. Its easy to book a ticket with the AGS website. Another way to book a ticket is through the travel agents who can help with other bookings like vacation packages ticket, hotels and car rentals. You can also book a ticket directly with the airlines from their reservation line or the website.

Q. What are the best point of interest in Augusta?

A. There are various points of interest in Augusta that you can visit including Augusta canal, Augusta Museum of History, Master Golf tournament. River walk, Savannah Rapids visitor Center, Jewel Cave, Cape Lee win Lighthouse, e.t.c. Book your flight ticket today and have an amazing experience at Augusta. To book a ticket visit the AGS website.

Augusta - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) ・Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport ・Charlotte Douglas International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Augusta

Augusta Regional Airport offers different international and domestic airlines on various routes to other parts of the words. The most popular routes from Augusta are Augusta to Charlotte, Augusta to Atlanta with weekly flights of 278, 2170 respectively. During the week of Masters Tournament the number of planes to & fro Augusta increase by 400% especially on these popular domestic and international routes; Chicago to Augusta, New York to Augusta, Augusta to London, Augusta to Denver, Beijing to Augusta, Los Angeles to Augusta, Augusta to Atlanta, Augusta to Beijing, San Francisco to Augusta among others.