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Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)

Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)

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City CodeOKC
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Japan Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
Flight Time3~5 hours

The flight time to Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) is approximately 3~5 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Oklahoma City (Oklahoma).

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Oklahoma is the largest city and is situated in the state of Oklahoma in the US. The city of Oklahoma is 1,606.67 squared kilometers in size. Oklahoma is the most populated city in the great plains region with the exception of Texas. The population of Oklahoma was estimated at 1,358,452 during the last census in the year 2015. Oklahoma city is known for having one of the largest livestock market and several petroleum and gas industries in the region. The city of Oklahoma is around the I-35 corridor which is one of the main transport routes in the US.

Voice of Travelers to Oklahoma

Wedding Trip with Family to Oklahoma

Last year in June, I and my family packed our bags to head to Oklahoma for my cousin's wedding. I was my second time purchasing my ticket to the city of Oklahoma, neither my kids nor my husband had been there. My husband suggested we purchase our ticket through an online platform that gave discounts to the workers of the company he worked in. After the purchase of our air ticket our journey began. We arrived in the city after a six hour flight with American Airlines. We chose the airline as they had the cheapest ticket and we were travelling in a pack of five so cost saving was a necessity. On arriving Oklahoma we found the city beautiful despite the environs being totally different from our home city.

Won an air ticket to Oklahoma from a mall

If you don't believe in miracles well I do. Sometime back I and my wife really wanted to go for a vacation but we had no money. The costs of the air ticket, accommodation and extras for activities were too high. We had not gone on vacation for a while. The last trip prior to that was around three years ago when we last bought a ticket to Zanzibar. Our dream of going on vacation was almost shattered until we won a free trip to Oklahoma. The Oklahoma trip was an all expense paid trip I mean the accommodation in a four star hotel, the air ticket, and all additional expenses were catered for. Our experience was great we went during spring when the weather was great. The ticket given were or United Airlines who did an exemplary job in ensuring all passengers were comfortable. The people in Oklahoma were friendly and accommodating to tourists.

Oklahoma Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best time to visit Oklahoma?

A. The city of Oklahoma experiences extreme weather conditions between March and May so this is definitely not the time to get your air ticket to visit. The rest of the year has mild weather.

Q.What are the unknown facts about Oklahoma?

Shopping carts were invented in Oklahoma. Oklahoma had the largest number of man made lakes. Oklahoma is the third largest producer of iodine in the world. Oklahoma is the only city bordered by four states Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Texas. The world's first parking meter was invented in Oklahoma.

Q. What are the tourist destinations in Oklahoma?

A. There are several tourist destinations in Oklahoma. The major tourist attraction sites in Oklahoma include Wichita Mountains National Wildlife, Refuge Oklahoma City Zoo, Science Museum Oklahoma, Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve Armstrong Auditorium and Philbrook Museum of Art. During the process of planning a trip and acquiring the air ticket create a budget and list of things to do in Oklahoma so as to maximize your stay.

Oklahoma - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Tulsa International Airport ・Los Angeles International Airport ・Denver International Airport ・Miami International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Oklahoma

The air routes to Oklahoma are several. You as a traveler have an array of options to select before you purchase your air ticket. The city of Oklahoma has six airports within it. The main airport in Oklahoma is Wiley Post Airport. The major airlines that you can select to purchase a ticket from en-route to Oklahoma include United Airlines, American Airlines and British Airlines. Acquire Your ticket from legit sources.