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Vineyard Haven

Vineyard Haven

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City CodeMVY
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time1~7 hours

The flight time to Vineyard Haven is approximately 1~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Vineyard Haven.

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Vineyard Haven

Vineyard Haven is a small village located on the Martha's Vineyard island in the state of Massachusetts, in the USA. Vineyard Haven was called Homes Hole in the past. There are about two thousand inhabitants in Vineyard Haven. Vineyard Haven was first settled in the 18th century.

Voice of Travelers to Vineyard Haven

Visiting Vineyard Haven for a festival with a cheap return ticket

I flew on an airfare ticket to Vineyard Haven two years ago for a music festival in the summer. As I planned this visit of Vineyard Haven ahead of time, I purchased my ticket early. Before I purchased the ticket, I researched online ticket portals for the ticket prices and I found the ticket with Cape Air directly to Vineyard Haven from Boston. Once I secured this ticket, I searched for a ticket to Boston from Los Angeles, which I finally secured with a local ticket agent of the Delta Air Lines. Both airlines did a great job on board so I didn't regret the price of either of the ticket. My ticket to Boston was a bit pricey while the ticket to Vineyard Haven was very cheap. The ticket to Vineyard Haven and its flight times allowed me to stay at the festival for three days.

Visiting Vineyard Haven for a short break

I traveled on an return ticket from Boston to Vineyard Haven. I purchased the ticket with Jet Blue Airways. I bought the ticket mostly to see a friend of mine but also to experience Vineyard Haven. The ticket was purchased through a travel agent I know personally. Once aboard Jet Blue Airways, I was surprised by great onboard service which was more than I expected with the ticket price I paid. When I landed at Vineyard Haven, I met my friend and spend two days with her. I would have stayed in Vineyard Haven for longer but I could not rebook the ticket anymore. Next time I buy the ticket for Vineyard Haven, I will try to come for longer.

Vineyard Haven Travel FAQs

Q. Is there public transportation in service for Vineyard Haven?

A. Vineyard Haven is small enough to walk around but there is public transportatin which connects Vineyard Haven with the other points on the Martha's Vineyard Island. To také a bus from Vineyard Haven, wait for one at the bus terminal of Vineyard Haven . The ticket for the ride can be purchased at the ticket office or the ticket booth at the terminal.

Q. What is Vineyard Haven known for?

A. Vineyard Haven is known for its port called Oak Bluffs while being the first town on Martha's Vineyard to be entered on arrival. Together with other villages on the island, Vineyard Haven is an upscale summer holiday resort with plenty of opportunities for summer sports such as gold and yachting.

Q. Is Vineyard Haven a safe destination to visit?

A. Vineyard Haven and Martha's Vineyard in general, is overall a very safe place with very little crime. The peak tourist season in the summer is when some pickpocketing can appear, so be attentive when walking around the more crowded sites. It is much better if you leave your valuables as well as the airfare ticket in the safe of your hotel room so you don't risk losing them.

Vineyard Haven - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Martha's Vineyard Airport ・LaGuardia Airport ・Logan International Airport ・Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport ・Westchester County Airport etc

Flight Routes to Vineyard Haven

There are regional flights for Vineyard Haven operated by Martha's Vineyard Airport. Among these flights by a number of air carriers are those to New York (both LaGuardia and JFK airport), Boston, Washington and other destinations within the USA.