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New Bern (North Carolina)

New Bern (North Carolina)

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City CodeEWN
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time3~7 hours

The flight time to New Bern (North Carolina) is approximately 3~7 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit New Bern (North Carolina).

New Bern

New Bern is one of the towns in North Carolina, in the USA. Jacksonville is located in the southern part of the state of North Carolina, in the Craven County. There are over thirty thousand inhabitants living presently in New Bern. AC

Voice of Travelers to New Bern

Airfare ticket to New Bern from Atlanta

I bought a ticket to visit New Bern and my friends who live there. The airfare ticket to New Bern was issued by American Eagle. The ticket was issued for a flight taking off from Atlanta on Tuesday with a return day from New Bern three days alter. The ticket dates suited me very well. The service aboard the American Eagle was very good and so it was worth the ticket price. Jacksonville was a fun place and I had great time with my friends. I then decided to change my airfare ticket to stay longer. Unfortunately, there was no ticket available to return from New Bern in the same week though. I tried to book a ticket from Jacksonville with another airline, but none of them flew to Atlanta, so I just used my original ticket.

New Bern with a ticket to Delta Connection business class

I visited New Bern last year. I was invited to New Bern for a short visit by one of my trade partners who has a summer home in New Bern. He invited me and paid for the ticket as well. He fixed me a ticket with Delta Connection and I did not know that he actually booked a ticket for the first calss. Even if I did not pay for the ticket, I wondered about the price ticket, as such a ticket might have been quite expensive. The service aboard Delta Connection was excellent. I would love to return to New Bern again, even if I have to pay for my plane ticket both to Jacksonville and back.

New Bern Travel FAQs

Q. Are there any sites to see in New Bern?

A. New Bern is known for its Tryon Palace, which served as the first North Carolina's capitol. There is the Parrot Park called the Seth West Park in New Bern which caters to the children's interest. The Haunted New Bern is a tour through the streets of New Ber that you can take to learn about the local ghosts. All of the sites in New Bern require an entrance or attendance ticket which can be purchased beforehand.

Q. What are summers like in New Bern?

A. Summers can be pretty hot in New Bern, given its geographical position. There are occasional rainstorms in the summer, some can even bring hail to New Bern. The temperatures in New Bern in the summer go up to over 30 degrees Celsius.

Q. How to get to New Bern from the Coastal Carolina airport?

A. New Bern is served by a small public airport located about three miles away from New Bern. As there are only two destinations flying to New Bern, there is not public transportation that you could buy a ticket for to get to New Bern and its downtown area. Rather, you might need to check the ticket portal where you buy your flight ticket for options concerning the connection between the airport and New Bern via a private transfer.

New Bern - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Coastal Carolina Regional Airport ・Charlotte Douglas International Airport ・Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport

Flight Routes to New Bern

Flights to New Bern are operated by Coastal Carolina Regional Airport , located very near New Bern. The airport at the moment receives flights from two destinations within the USA, which is Charloteville, located in North Carolina as well, and Atlanta in Georgia. There are two airlines providing transport services to Jacksonville including Delta Connection and American Eagle.