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Chadron (Nebraska)

Chadron (Nebraska)

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City CodeCDR
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time6~8 hours

The flight time to Chadron (Nebraska) is approximately 6~8 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Chadron (Nebraska).


Chadron is a small town located in the western part of the state of Nebraska. Chadron is home to the population of over five thousand inhabitants. Chadron State College is located in Chadron.

Voice of Travelers to Chadron

Visiting Chadron and the Fur Festival with a cheap return ticket.

I flew on an airfare ticket to Chadron two years ago for the Fur Festival in the summer. As I planned this visit of Chadron ahead of time, I purchased my ticket early. Before I purchased the ticket, I researched online ticket portals for the ticket prices and I found the ticket with Boutique Air directly to Chadron from Denver. Once I secured this ticket, I searched for a ticket to Denver from New York, which I finally secured with a local ticket agent of the American Airlines. Both airlines did a great job on board so I didn't regret the price of either of the ticket. My ticket to Denver was a bit pricey while the ticket to Chadron was very cheap. The ticket to Chadron and its flight times allowed me to stay at the festival for three days.

Visiting Chadron for a short break

I traveled on an return ticket from Denver to Chadron. I purchased the ticket with Boutique Air. I bought the ticket mostly to see a friend of mine but also to experience Chadron. The ticket was purchased through a travel agent I know personally. Once aboard Boutique Air, I was surprised by great onboard service which was more than I expected with the ticket price I paid. When I landed at Chadron, I met my friend and spend two days with her. I would have stayed in Chadron for longer but I could not rebook the ticket anymore. Next time I buy the ticket for Chadron, I will try to come for longer.

Chadron Travel FAQs

Q. What is the typical weather in Chadron?

A. Chadron is located in the zone of prairies grasslands, in the elevation of over one thousand meters which influences its weather. The summers are rather warm in Chadron, which temperatures exceeding 20 degrees Celsius while the winters can be rather chilly and with some snowfall as well. Overall, Chadron is a dry city with little precipitation.

Q. What is Chadron known for?

A. Chadron is known for the fur and its trade. There are Fur Trade Days organized every July which attracts fur lovers from across the globe. Visitors as well as customers come to see and buy fur of great quality from Chadron. Note that this is the peak season for visitors in Chadron and your airfare ticket might be of a high price if you do not book it early.

Q. Is Chadron a safe destination to visit?

A. Chadron is overall a small and lovely town with very little crime. The peak tourist season in the summer is when some pickpocketing can appear, so be attentive when walking around the Fur Museum and other crowded sites. It is much better if you leave your valuables as well as the airfare ticket in the safe of your hotel room so you don't risk losing them.

Chadron - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Chadron Municipal Airport ・Denver International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Chadron

Boutique Air is the name of the airline with a regular service of flights to Chadron which receives its flights at the Chadron Municipal Airport. The Chadron airport is located only five miles away from the center of Chadron. The only destination to which the Boutique Air operates its flights from Chadron is Denver.