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City CodeHSV
Popular Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Delta Air Lines
Flight Time3~5 hours

The flight time to Huntsville is approximately 3~5 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Huntsville.


Huntsville is located in the state of Alabama in Madison County. Huntsville is often called Rocket City because it has historically been involved in space expeditions in the US. Huntsville is Alabama's third largest city and was home to Alabama's first English speaking population. Huntsville has a rich history so it is a great tourist attraction for people from all walks of life. Huntsville is surrounded by the Cumberland Plateau that has many hills, providing a very scenic backdrop. Some of these mountains surrounding Huntsville include Monte Sano Mountain, Rainbow Mountain and Brindley Mountain.

Voice of Travelers to Huntsville

First time buying a ticket online

A. Hi, this is Patricia, a senior citizen. I wanted visit my pals in Huntsville. I got on the internet to search for a ticket. I found a cheap ticket so I wanted to buy it. This was my first time shopping online. The ticket was for Delta Air. When I went on the website for buying the ticket, it would not accept my card. I got really nervous. I called Delta Air to help me purchase this ticket. He told me I had to use a credit card instead of a debit card for buying this ticket. I was thankful for the service. I bought my ticket but had some trouble printing it. Someone helped me print the ticket. I finally went to Huntsville. It was a great experience as usual but the process of buying the ticket was definitely memorable.

Father son space escapade

Hey y'all, Henry here. My 8 year old son is a huge space fan so I bought us a discounted ticket to Huntsville for a weekend. The ticket was on sale on a website. I took him to the US Space and Rocket Centre where we saw a mockup of space shuttle and an Apollo Capsule. We saw many other cool things. We had lunch at the Mars Grill in the Centre. We just kept exploring. My son now wants to grow up to be an astronaut. I am glad I took him there and bought this ticket. I am waiting for a ticket to Huntsville to be on sale again.

Huntsville Travel FAQs

Q. Which season is Huntsville best to visit in?

A. Huntsville has a generally humid climate with mostly warm and sunny weather. The summers in Huntsville are hot while winters are mildly cold. Huntsville sees a lot rain in winter and spring, making yearly rain up to 54 inches. The most snow Huntsville experienced was in 2010 and it amounted up to 4 inches. If you buy your ticket for winter, you can enjoy a pleasant cold atmosphere. If you buy your ticket to visit Huntsville in the summer, you can enjoy the warm summer festivals and beaches. A ticket for Spring will allow you lots of fishing time while a visit in Fall can provide you with colorful trails, hunting experiences and lots of scenic beauty.

Q. What are some tourist attractions in Huntsville?

A. Huntsville is a great place for space geeks as the US Space and Rocket Centre is located in Huntsville. This center offers many mock ups of space shuttles and provides an enthralling experience. Huntsville Botanical Garden is a beautiful aquatic garden with various plant collections and wildflowers. Many seasonal festivals also happen in the Garden including the Scarecrow Trail And and Galaxy of Lights. Other tourist attractions include the U. S. Veterans Memorial Museum, Harmony Park Safari, Von Braun Center and Burritt on the Mountain.

Q.When can you get the cheapest ticket to Huntsville?

A. Prices vary for airline tickets throughout the year. Often, ticket prices increase in Winter and Summer vacations. Tickets for these seasons should be purchased in advance. Flights also offer last minute deals with extremely discounted tickets. Sometimes these tickets for Huntsville can be as cheap as less than $50. Tracking ticket prices online for Huntsville is a good way to make sure you get a discounted ticket.

Huntsville - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Huntsville International Airport ・Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ・Los Angeles International Airport ・Toronto Pearson International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Huntsville

There are different routes that can be followed to get to Huntsville. Most common flights offering tickets for Huntsville are Delta Air, United Air and American Air. These flights offer tickets that take passengers directly to Huntsville from cities such as Houston, Atlanta, Detroit, New Orleans, Charlotte, Chicago and Denver. People also purchase tickets that have other stop overs in the middle. In order to get from Toronto to Huntsville, one can buy a ticket that flies to Houston via Air Canada and then take United Air directly to Huntsville.